We deliver high grade professional WordPress support and maintenance.
Having your own support team on hand to carry out tasks, updates and fix problems. Day in Day out, Month after month we are here to help you.

Wordpress Support

We can offer high grade professional WordPress support & maintenance. Having your own support team on hand to carry out tasks, updates and fix problems. Month after month we are here to help.

Wordpress Backup

We are experts at making sure that all of your website images, files and databases are securely backed up to a separate location and available in the event of an emergency.

Speed Optimisation

Speed up your websites delivery and improve your visitors experience. We have years of experience in improving and maximising performance of WordPress websites to deliver your pages and images as quickly as possible.

Wordpress Security

We can offer high grade professional WordPress security measures to prevent malicious code, unauthorised access, Dos attacks, spammy posts, file security, database security and more.

We all love working with WordPress - But sometimes we need a little help.

WordPress and similar CMS platforms have been around for a long time. They have been designed to make building your own website a piece of cake. But there are always bits and pieces that really need special skills or experienced operators to look after. We have covered the bits and pieces that we are asked about most often.


We offer fast and effective support to people who want to do it themselves but need an extra pair of hands from time to time. Getting a site to operate at its best takes some experience and skill. CMS is a great improvement on the web for people who want to be hands on with their own sites and update them when they want to. But very often you can hit a bump and really cant afford to spend anymore time trying to make it do what you really want. Well we are here to help and be your very own dedicated WordPress support team.


Thousands of WordPress sites become victims of Spam, Malicious code or just internally corrupted because the necessary steps were not taken. Simple stuff like strong passwords, file permissions, out of date core, plugins or themes. The absence of any sort of Firewall or Protection from potential hacker scripts. If this happens, your reputation suffers, the site needs expensive repair and your host will suspend your site indefinitely. We offer a security bundle that will check all aspects of your sites / hosting security, scan for malicious code, and lock down the site to unwanted guests.


WordPress offers a huge range of features and incredible tools to make your content stand out. Layered Sliders, Countless Gallery styles, Video Backgrounds, Contact Forms and so on. It often requires hundreds of scripts and additional files to make each one work properly on whatever device is being used to look at it.
To the end user this is a lot to take in at first. Downloading all of the page content, Oversized images, multiple files that tell the visitors browser what the page should look like. And on top if this, Google don’t recommend slow sluggish websites to their search customers. Well there is a way to optimise your entire site without loosing any design or making any sacrifices. We can boost the performance of your site and make sure it runs fast and efficiently for your visitors.


So you have managed to get your site installed, configured and hopefully full of all of your content, images, blog posts, member or subscriber data, image galleries and more. Now what would you do it it all disappeared tomorrow, maybe the site gets corrupted, or the server goes offline. You need to resort to your backups. Having your site backed up is vital in the event of deleting something by accident, or the worst case scenario. We offer a site backup service that keeps all of your web files and data safe in a secure cloud environment.


We offer a support plan for people who want to be able to off load the maintenance and upkeep of their websites to someone else. You are still 100% in charge of your content and can make changes as normal anytime. However, we take care of all the other stuff. We keep WordPress up to date, Secure your website, Back up your website and mind it like its our own. We can even do graphic design work and updates for slideshows or banners within your site. All for a low cost monthly fee.
Peace of mind and freedom to carry on doing what you do best.


There are currently 45,317 + plugins available through the WordPress Plugin Directory. However, finding one that is well written, supported in future versions and does exactly what you want it to do is very frustrating. Often we get asked if we can develop a specific feature for a site that is unique to the that website.

We are experts at integrating ideas into stable, flexible and easy to use functionality.
So if you want a website with specific dishes on a menu, with a Macro count and a complex ordering form, or you might want to create a members area to deliver your clients specific data behind a unique client login, we have done it and are ready to turn your wish list into a reality.


Having a website built and online does not mean that people will find it. Getting traffic to your site is essential and there is really only one way to get traffic and convert leads. Being found on Google is essential and we can offer top class Real Search Engine Optimisation for your website and get it to page 1 of Google for at a reasonable cost. We have plenty of customers already in pole position or on page 1 who were nowhere to be seen before they started down the road of Search Engine Optimisation. Talk to us today about what we can really do for your website.